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Donna Cameron and her husband are the patrons of our little shop. They have a gofundme page set up for Donna for expenses due to her cancer battle.

Taken from her gofundme:

Hi, my name is Donna, and I am trying to raise money for my treatment plans as my fight through this cancer journey continues. I have had significant travel expenses for treatment and medical expenses not covered by insurance. I am now getting new treatments and the medical expenses are phenomenal.
As most of you know I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Adrenal Cancer in May, 2022. I had surgery to remove my adrenal gland in July, 2022. I have been taking chemo treatments since August, 2022. I found out while I was in Houston for treatment in February that my cancer has spread to my liver, kidney and lungs. Now I have Stage 4 Adrenal Gland Cancer.
Currently, I am receiving a very intensive chemo treatment 4 days every 30 days at the Siteman Center in St. Louis, MO. I still travel to Houston for follow up treatments and am needing to head to Maryland for additional treatment and major surgery in May – July. Not quite sure of an exact date yet as it depends on my body scan in May. I have been talking with the ACC experts in Maryland and they want me to have major surgery in May – July depending on my scan in May. The doctor told me that they are wanting to remove my kidney, spleen, gallbladder, part of my lung and part of my liver. I will have to stay out there approximately 30 days or more.
I am still trying to work (as a Librarian) through this, but soon will not be able to. I am also a new grandmother. I want to be able to spend as much time as possible with my children and my grandbaby during treatment.
I appreciate everything that everyone has done for me thus far, but my fight continues. I need your support now more than ever. I am not comfortable asking for money but the financial burden is very stressful and affecting my health.
I am asking that you please donate and if you cannot, please share and pray. I am grateful for your support and thank you.